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Avenida Camaron Sabalo # 6291 Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico CP 82110

Mazatlan Christmas

Christmas celebrations in Mexico is festive and celebretory. Almost everyone takes last two weeks off in December for spending more time with the family, visiting old friends and to make new friends. Christmas celebrations in Mexico start on December 16th with “Las Posadas” which means “candle light processions” and continues for nine consecutive days. The Annual Christmas Lights Tour, sponsored by Friends of Mexico, varies in date, but is generally in the second week of December as well. Mazatlan, Mexico endears a festive mood and colorful lights can be seen everywhere. Many restaurants and hotels will host special dinners on Christmas and it is tradition that on Christmas day, blindfolded kids take turns to break a pinata which swings at the end of a rope. In addition to this, the flag raising and lowering ceremony, which is a characteristic of all Mexican holidays, is also observed.

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